USC Scholarships

The University of Southern California (USC) is a gorgeous locale for learning. With the California sun and gorgeous weather, this institution couples great scenery with tough and rigorous academics that make it one of the best in the nation. Unfortunately, for many students that want to attend this university, the cost can be a bit overwhelming. That is why USC scholarships were developed in order to help ease the price tag associated with such an amazing education. For more information on USC scholarships, specific to attendees at this college, check out the great list of opportunities below! You may just find your education can be made possible with a little help from one of these great opportunities.

Mork Family Scholarship

USC is an institution that wants to offer students the opportunity to receive an education that is rigorous, demanding, but ultimately, rewarding. That is why they reward those who have demonstrated an amazing ability to be a member of their communities while still maintaining stellar grades. The Mork Family Scholarship may just be at the top of the USC scholarships list because of the amount of funds it provides in recognition of these attributes. The Mork Family Scholarship provides individuals the chance to have all aspects of their tuition paid for with a grant that can total nearly fifty-thousand dollars. This scholarship is only open to those that have stellar grades and meet all other education criteria. It is also reserved for incoming first-year students. For more information on how to apply, visit here.

USC Scholarship

International Freshman Academic Scholarship

Other USC scholarships recognize the need and desire for more than just a diversified course list but a diversified student population as well. The International Freshman Academic Scholarship, sponsored by the University, provides students that are pursuing a degree at their university that have come from another region of the world the opportunity to do so at a lower cost. This scholarship is offered to freshmen who are typically at the top of their class coming out of high school, usually within the top ten percent of a competitive academic institution. They must meet all SAT and other testing requirements. Further, all students must have experience living or learning outside of the United States. To learn more on where to go to find this year’s criteria, click here.

Alumni Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship

The alumni at USC are devoted to helping the next generation of students at their alma mater achieve their academic goals. That is why the USC Alumni Club has created several USC scholarships over the years. These scholarships are developed to help individuals entering their freshman year at the university the opportunity to receive help in pursuing the same ends that they themselves have reached. The USC Alumni Scholarship is given to individuals at the university who meet all of the eligibility requirements, including living within a region that has an active and established USC Alumni club. This will be determined by the application review committee. Students must also have shown demonstrated leadership and a financial need prior to being awarded this scholarship. For those that are interested, visit the USC Alumni website by clicking here and downloading a current application.