The American Foreign Service Association Scholarship Program provides a number of scholarships to students who have had a parent that works for the Foreign Service. To date, the program has supported more than 2,000 college students make their education more affordable by providing a combined total of over $4 million to support education. These scholarship, which vary in amount, are available to current undergraduate students and are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria.

Students who are interested in applying for this scholarship should first explore the AFSA website. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must have a parent who is an AFSA member and who claims the student as a dependent on their income tax returns. The scholarship is open regardless of when the parent was employed by AFSA, as such children of both current and former AFSA employees are eligible to apply for this scholarship. In addition, applicants must hold at least a 2.0 grade point average, demonstrate financial need, plan to attend college on a full-time basis, and graduate from college within four years.

Students can find out which scholarships are available, by looking at this link. The art merit program provides four awards; three scholarships worth $1,000 each and one scholarship worth $2,500. Only high school seniors are eligible for this scholarship. Students are required to provide an art-related submission in one of the following areas: musical arts, performing arts, visual arts, or creative writing. In addition, students must complete an official art merit application, write a brief essay, and submit their transcripts from high school.

The financial aid program provides the largest award. There are 60 different scholarships that are awarded, and range in value from $3,000 to $5,000. These scholarships are open to current undergraduate students and high school seniors. All of these scholarships are awarded based on financial need. In order to apply for this program, applicants are required to complete a College Scholarship Service Profile, a FAFSA, and submit their transcripts from high school or college.

The third type of scholarship is called the academic merit and community service award. This scholarship provides a total of 17 different scholarships, which are open to high school seniors. Fourteen of the scholarships are worth $2,500, two scholarships are valued at $1,000, and the remaining scholarship is worth $500. In order to apply for this program, applicants are required to obtain one letter of recommendation, submit their scores from the ACT or SAT exam, complete an academic merit application, write a brief essay about a memorable experience, and submit their transcripts from high school.

The timelines vary slightly for each of the three different programs. Students can find complete timeline information, as well as helpful application tips, using this website. Applicants are evaluated on a number of different criteria for the merit award, such as essay quality, letters of recommendation, class difficulty, grade point average, exam scores, awards and honors received, and extracurricular involvement.