Scholarships for College Students


Many college students face a perplexing problem. As recent high school graduates, college students are exerting their new found independence. Many move away from the home they grew up in for the first time ever. However, while attending college full-time, employment options are limited. Thus, the problem many students face is how to fund a [...]

Scholarships for Average Students


When it comes to applying for college scholarships, the GPA requirement appears to be overarching. There are so many scholarships that need and require students to provide academic qualifications that the pool of potential opportunities can be narrowed down very quickly for those who do not demonstrate tremendous performance in the classroom. If you are [...]

Scholarships for Low GPA


Not everyone has stellar Grade Point Averages (GPA) in high school. A low GPA does indeed make it more difficult to get a scholarship, but it doesn’t make it impossible. If you have a low GPA and you are not involved in extracurricular activities, you may not think there are scholarships out there for you, [...]