Scholarships in Michigan

Michigan is known for cold and harsh winters, powerhouse football teams, and northern accents that do well with the cold atmosphere. With beautiful grasslands, amazing outdoor spots of leisure and activity, it is no wonder that this spot is a popular one for family vacationers and fans from around the world to visit. With so much to do and see, people tend to come to Michigan and fall in love with the region. For those growing up here, Michigan is simply home. To students from the region or those planning on moving here to attend one of the amazing institutions of higher education and learning in the state, the cost can be a bit prohibitive. But, if sharing in the wonder of this state and either travelling to or staying for college, there are scholarships in Michigan which can help to pay for an education. The following explains more about these opportunities and where you can go to apply.

Michigan Retailers Association

Michigan Retailers Association

The Michigan Retailers Association is an organization made up of member businesses that are involved with Michigan retail stores. They do a great deal of educational work in the field of retail, explaining what the current and most recent trends are. They also offer individuals the chance to give back to their communities and reward employees that have worked in the Michigan retail field. Every year, the group provides scholarships in Michigan to those students who are seniors in high school or college freshman, sophomores, or juniors. All of those who wish to apply must be a son or daughter of an MRA member in good standing or be the dependent of an individual who is an employee of regular status at an MRA member business. Employees with dependents who are eligible must be employed for at least one year. Those who are employed at an MRA business and going to school and are interested in applying for this scholarship can also apply for the scholarship. Students who complete an application, providing all necessary paperwork can earn thousands of dollars for college. Specifically, these scholarships in Michigan offer individuals the chance for one-thousand dollars toward their private education and five-hundred dollars toward a community college. For all the details, click this link.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Grand Rapids Community Foundation Chad Vollmer Scholarship

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation is a region-specific non-profit group that focuses on providing resources and aid to those in the Grand Rapids area. One of the many ways that this group gives back is through providing scholarships in Michigan to students that are from the region and have grown up in the area. Among the many different scholarships in Michigan that they provide is the Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF) Chad Vollmer Scholarship. In order to be eligible for this named scholarship, students must be active in their community and be a part of a high school in Grand Rapids. All those who apply must also be planning to attend the local Grand Rapids Community College and must be a high school student that will enter this next phase of their educational career with at least a 2.3 GPA. For more information on this scholarship or where to go apply, click the link here.