Scholarships in Indiana

Indiana is a beautiful state known for their quality of people, They have a devotion to their sports teams and their colleges of choice that runs deep and far. This is the land of cornfields and of amazing cities, a juxtaposition that is not unlost on those who both visit and call this place home. More than just collegiate sports teams, Indiana is home to some of the top universities in the nation and is ensuring that those around are all aware of the quality and caliber of students that walk through the doors of these buildings from all over the world. To fund an education in this beautiful state, however, is just as expensive as anywhere else in the country, especially if a student is coming from out of state. For that reason, many organizations and schools are offering scholarships in Indiana to help defray the cost of an education. For more information on these scholarships, of which there are many, check out a few of the opportunities below and let this be your guide to finding what it is you need to pay for your Indiana education.

Scholarships in Indiana Grant

Frank O’Bannon Grant

The Rank O’Bannon Grant was in the past known as the Indiana Higher Education Grant. This programs was designed to help those from the Hoosier state to find and attend an accredited institution of higher learning in their own home state, without having as much of a financial burden placed upon them. These scholarships in Indiana were developed by the Indiana General Assembly and were founded as a result of the desire to help those that have a need that could not be met by traditional funding sources or had a gap in their ability to pay even with these resources. The grants dollar amount can vary from year to year based upon the amount of funding that is provided in the state budget for these scholarships in Indiana. Amounts have range din the past from one-thousand to a few-thousand dollars. So, too, have the number of individuals varied annually who receive the grant. In order to apply for the Frank O’Bannon Grant, individuals will need to complete an application which can be found by clicking this link. Check out all the details and submit what is needed to increase your chances of being awarded.

Indiana Society of Professional Engineers

Indiana Society of Professional Engineers

The Indiana Society of Professional Engineers offers students the chance to earn monies toward their college education through scholarships in Indiana that help the next generation of engineers. As noted in the name, these scholarships are monies that are provided for individuals to help them pay for school and help them to pursue a degree in the engineering field. To be eligible, all individuals must demonstrate financial need, they must have an interest in the engineering profession, and they must also demonstrate academic ability through their GPA. Those who wish to apply for this state scholarship need to follow this link to find out all of the details or talk to their financial aid representatives at an Indiana College.