Scholarships for Twins

When it comes to being a twin, there are many unique blessings and challenges that this can bring. Of course, you will always have a partner in crime and someone to share your life with. There is also the inherent rivalry and other concerns that can come from being so close to someone. There is, however, a financial beneficial aspect to being a twin, especially when it comes to going to college. Among the different niche scholarships available are those that are specifically designed to help those who are twins to go to school. Twin scholarships are not uncommon and can greatly help individuals who have this characteristic in their lives to have financial help when it comes to building their futures. The following outlines some of the twin scholarships you may find lucrative so that you can build your career without having to spend a great deal in the process.

Twins Day Festival Scholarship

Twins Day Festival Scholarship

There is no place more well-versed in all things twins then the Twinsburg Twins Day Festival. This annual event is held in Ohio and offers individuals that are twins to come together and share their life experiences with one another. At this festival, there are twin scholarships awarded each year that can be very helpful in funding the experiences and the needs of college students. The Twins Day Festival Scholarship is given to one of the individuals or pairs of individuals in attendance at the festival and provides an impressive one-thousand dollars in aid. This can help pay for books or for other financial burdens associated with building a college career. For more information on how you can apply and when the festival dates are, visit the dedicated webpage at this link.

International Organization of Mothers of Twin Children

Being a parent of twins can present exhausting and exciting challenges. That is why the International Organization of Mothers of Twin Children was founded. This group focuses on providing information and networking opportunities to mothers of twins and also provides financial resources in the form of twin scholarships. To be eligible, a parent of twins must be enrolled in a collegiate program at an accredited university and they must provide proof of financial need. While not directly related to the twins themselves, this scholarship alleviates financial pressures so that mothers can then fund their own children’s educations. Typically, scholarships are awarded to members of the organization in monetary amounts of three-hundred dollars or one-hundred dollars. Financial need and proof of leadership must also be given at the time of application. For more information on this scholarship or how to apply, visit this link.

For those that are in Ohio and plan on attending Lake Erie College, there is a school-specific scholarship for those that are twins. This scholarship is up to full-tuition or eighteen credit hours and is given to twin students to split. In order to be eligible for this twin scholarships opportunity, both twins must be enrolled in this program and be accepted into the university. Valued at thousands of dollars, this scholarship is worth checking out and you can do that by clicking here.