Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are many benefits to studying abroad. You will find your life changed, and emerge a new person. Studying abroad will impact your personal, academic and professional life in a positive way, and influence your career path, self-confidence and world view.

You may learn more about yourself in a semester abroad than you could in years of study at your home college. Exploring other cultures is just one reason why scholarships for study abroad are so popular.

Most students who have studied overseas feel that the experience helped them mature, with a greater tolerance and a lasting impact on their view of the world. Studying abroad has also led to long-term friendships between US students and those in other countries. Many people who once studied abroad feel that this experience still affects the decisions they make now.

Spanish Language, Business & Liberal Arts Scholarships

Spanish Language, Business & Liberal Arts Scholarships

To benefit from this program, you should have some level of proficiency in Spanish. You may choose to take courses in the language, along with elective courses. Students placed in superior language levels may choose five electives in addition to Spanish.

Language courses in these scholarships for study abroad are offered at Pompeu Fabra University. You will study alongside local and international students. Culture courses may include international and Spanish students. You may also choose to take some of your courses with Spaniards, including those classes taught in English.

To be eligible, you must have already completed one or more semesters of Spanish at the college level, before you leave the country. You are encouraged to enroll in Spanish and other classes, as you immerse yourself in the culture and language of the local area. All students will still be required to meet their one semester of Spanish at the college level, or its equivalent. There is more information at the Studies Abroad website.

United States Government (CLS) Scholarship

The United States Government has established a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program to expand the number of students from the US studying foreign languages that are critically needed. CLS provides intensive instruction in foreign languages that is group based and fully funded. In addition, experiences in overseas studies offer cultural enrichment. Students live overseas for two months or more if they are in undergraduate, Ph.D. and Master’s degrees.

These scholarships for study abroad are fully funded. The program costs covered include travel overseas and back home, a required orientation in Washington, D.C. before you depart, visa fees, travel in-country while abroad, group-based instruction in language and room and board. All of your entrance fees will also be paid for activities in cultural enhancement. Their website has additional information about this scholarship program.

Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship

Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship

If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in a program of studies abroad or if you will be enrolled in one in the next academic year, you may be eligible for this scholarship. Ten scholarships for study abroad are given each year, at $1,000 each. For additional eligibility requirements and more information, check out the Golden Key website.