Scholarships for Returning Students

Returning to school after an extended absence can be a difficult task. There are so many things to consider and financial needs that are pressing that getting enrolled once again can seem like it is impossible. For those interested, however, there are scholarships for returning students that can help to ease the financial burdens and ensure that there is one less hindrance to pursuing a degree. If you are a returning student or if you know someone who is, please be sure to carefully read the information below and work to find a scholarship that fits your needs and lifestyle. You may be surprised just how many people and organizations are willing to help you to achieve your dreams. The list below is just the tip of the iceberg.

Women’s Center Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

When it comes to returning to school, women are often at a disadvantage. A main motivator of halting a college education straight out of high school is the need to focus attentions elsewhere in raising a family. The result of this is that many women choose to push off their college degree to a later time, if that time ever comes. That is why one of the scholarships for returning students is specifically dedicated to helping women return to school. The Women’s Center for Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Award is given to women that are making an effort to return to pursue an education after having to halt their educational pursuits in the past, for whatever reason. Students applying for this scholarship must be accepted or enrolled into a program at Grand Valley State University, be a United States citizen, and demonstrate financial need. For more information, visit the link here to learn more.

PEO Educational Fund

PEO Educational Fund

The PEO Educational Fund is another scholarship program that is dedicated to helping non-traditional students—specifically female students—to achieve their career goals. This is done through a series of educational scholarships and grant opportunities that make returning to school a bit more easily accomplished. The PEO Educational Fund is among the scholarships for returning students because funds are earmarked to help the non-traditional student achieve their educational and career goals. For more information on this scholarship and the application rules that apply, click here. Remember, that all students applying for this scholarship must be a non-traditional student, as aforementioned, and must demonstrate this by providing proof that for at least twenty-four months post high school graduation, they were not enrolled in any program. All applicants must also show that they have a strong financial need.

PEO Educational Fund

Return2College Scholarship

As the name would suggest, the Return2College Scholarship is a great resource and award for those students that are looking to return to school after taking a break. These students must demonstrate that they have a financial need in order to apply and must also prove that they meet non-traditional status. If you want some scholarships for returning students, the Return2College Scholarship is a great opportunity because it provides students that are worried about returning some financial help—up to a couple of thousands of dollars a year. To see if you apply, follow this link.