Scholarships for Engineering Students

Engineering is a growing and varied field of study and employment. There are chemical engineers and industrial engineers. There are commercial engineers and civil, as well as more! There are several different scholarships available for this field of study, including those specifically for different types of engineering. If you are looking to pursue a degree in this field or are already doing so, consider the following scholarship opportunities as an amazing opportunity for you and your educational future. Consider this your official guide to scholarships for engineering students and the start of a very fruitful and long engineering career that will not cost you extra at the collegiate level.

AAAS Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program

AAAS Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Foundation is guided on the premise that America and its progress are directly related to its thriving in the area of science and engineering. That is why they developed the AAAS Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program was developed. This program is a scholarship program and fellowship that places qualifying individuals in media centered career opportunities, not for permanency but for experience. This fellowship program is not one of the scholarships for engineering students in a traditional sense but actually helps to provide students that are interested in this field real life experience that otherwise would have cost them monies. Further, there is a financial stipend and reward for those that do participate in the program which can be used to help pay for schooling. For more information on this or any of the other great programs through AAAS, visit their website at this link for all of the scholarship details.

Ada I. Pressman Scholarship

For women in the field of engineering, or those that are looking to start their educational career in this area, there is help available with the Ada I. Pressman Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a female engineering student that is on her second, third, or fourth year of undergraduate engineering studies. Funded and founded by the Society of Women Engineers, the Ada I Pressman Scholarship also makes graduate students eligible for the award as well. There are nine scholarships given out each year with each being $5,000 a piece for each of these nine awards, totaling an organizational gift to female engineering students of almost fifty-thousand dollars. For more information on this award or for application details, be sure to visit the Society of Women Engineers and Ada I Pressman Scholarship page by clicking here.

Engineering Students

Anne Maureen Whitney Scholarship

Named after another female leader in the field of engineering and engineering study, the Anne Maureen Whitney Scholarship is provided to individuals that are interested in starting their first year of college education in this same field. This one of the scholarships for engineering students is also provided and sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers and works to promote females in this often male dominated field. Therefore, aside from being a US citizen, those who wish to apply for the Anne Maureen Whitney Scholarship must also be a female student. For more information and all of the scholarship details, visit the link here.