Rotary Scholarship

The Rotary Club works to make a difference here in the US and around the world. Their members are found in communities across the United States and in other communities, worldwide.

The members of this club offer a Rotary scholarship to students who wish to work with their clubs to solve the challenges of local communities. Scholarships are made available by donations from members and other supporters. They do good works with their donation funds, as well.

The foundation works for specific causes that target problems locally and globally. They understand the unique needs of each community and they focus their efforts in saving mothers and their children, growing local economies, supporting education, providing clean water, fighting disease and promoting peace.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

The foundation offers Rotary scholarship funds through their global reach. These scholarships are for graduate-level and one to four year academic research and coursework. In order to be eligible, you should have an interest in one of their focus areas:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Disease treatment and prevention
  • Sanitation and water supplies
  • Child and maternal health care
  • Community and economic development
  • Basic literacy and education

The low end of this scholarship is $30,000, which is used in funding language training, household supplies, tuition, school supplies, room and board and travel expenses. Other personal expenses will not be covered by this scholarship. They offer additional information on their website.

Rotary Scholarship for Sanitation and Water Professionals

Rotary Scholarship for Sanitation and Water Professionals

This program was developed in order to promote relationships between sanitation and water professionals and Rotarians. Winners of these scholarships benefit from the sponsoring Rotarians’ support in their home country and local communities. After graduation, the students will work to improve water supplies and sanitation issues in their own local communities with projects designed and implemented by the students and their sponsoring Rotarians.

The alumni of the Rotary Foundation network with fellow recipients of scholarships, and Rotarians around the world. When you become involved, it will allow you to remain connected with the global community and vital resources of the Rotary Foundation.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be admitted to one of these degree programs at UNESCO-IHE:

  • MSc in Water engineering and Science
  • MSc in Water Management
  • MSc in Urban Sanitation and Water

You can learn more on the Rotary/UNESCO website.

Rotary Peace Scholarship

Rotary Peace Scholarship

If you wish to make an impact on the global community by promoting cooperation and tolerance, you may qualify for this Rotary scholarship. The Rotary Foundation will choose some of the most bright and dedicated professionals for fellowships at their Peace Centers.

In the last 10 years, these centers have trained nearly 1000 fellows to work in building peace. Many have gone on to serve as government leaders, as well as leaders in law enforcement, the military and organizations on the international scene, like World Bank and the United Nations.

This scholarship offers the chance to pursue two-year certificates or master’s degrees in conflict resolution and international relations. The international study centers are found in the United States, Japan, Australia, England, Argentina and France. Check their website for more information.