Poetry Scholarships

Some people have a happy talent for writing prose. There are numerous scholarships available for students who enjoy or write poetry. Many of these grants will require that you provide a poetry sample, so the scholarship committee can read your work. Others require only that you are interested in creative writing or poetry.

Some scholarship contests require you to write essays about your love for poetry, or critique various poems from known poets. You may be required to pay a fee for your participation in these contests. It is a small fee, compared to what you may win. All of these poetry scholarships allow you to share your creative talents with others. They may help you in obtaining financial aid for your education.

If you want to attend college to study creative writing, the school you choose may have awards set up by school alumni who pursued writing in their college years. These are for students like you who wish to study the writing and teaching of poetry. Be sure that your school knows you are interested in poetry, since you may find more awards at the school that you didn’t know about before you selected your college.

Ruth Lilly Poetry Scholarships

Ruth Lilly Poetry Scholarships

Five of these scholarships, valued at more than $25,000 each, are awarded to poet scholars in the United States through a competition at the national level. It is sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. They are offered to encourage further writing and study of poetry.

To be eligible, you must be 21 years old or older, but not older than 31 years. You must live in the United States. They accept applications through their submission website.

Live Poets Society of New Jersey Scholarship

Live Poets Society of New Jersey Scholarship

This high school level poetry contest is held yearly and any high school students in the US can enter. The top prize awards up to $2,500 in money for college. In addition, the winners’ poem(s) will appear in the National Poetry Quarterly.

This will be the 18th year of this contest for poetry scholarships. The people who created it did so due to the feelings they have about poetry and its meaningful experiences. It also helps members to recall experiences they had with online, big-name poetry contests. You can learn more about this scholarship at their poetry contest website.

Coe College Writing Scholarships

These scholarships are for students who have interest in all writing genres and study areas, including poetry. To be entered, an application must be completed, and registration is online for this competition. You should submit a portfolio of your work. It must include two writing samples in the form of journal articles, academic compositions, poems, fiction or non-fiction. In addition, you must send a two or three page letter of introduction that describes you as a writer.

Your poetry scholarships writing portfolio must be in typewritten form and can be as short as five pages or as long as twenty pages. Text for all types of admissions except poems should be double-spaced and on standard sized paper. Be sure to include your name and your address in the introduction. Their website offers additional information.