Ohio State Scholarships

If you are going to attend college, then, you want to ensure that you are given every opportunity to succeed. This can take on different modes for different people and mean different things depending on who you are and what you need. For you, going to college may be getting into that special school like Ohio State or another powerhouse. For others, it may be having enough money to pursue the degree for the long haul. If you are attending Ohio State, you can be more than just a Buckeye fan. You can also find the monies that you need to pursue a degree and spend finances on other things. There are Ohio State scholarships specifically dedicated to helping fund an education at this institute of higher learning.

University Scholarships

University Scholarships are among the best of the Ohio State scholarships that are available to students because they are open to all incoming freshmen that need assistance in paying for their educations. This scholarship is given on an individual basis and gives the opportunity to be awarded with some aid right from the beginning of the education. There are many different criteria that must be met, of course, in order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, but for those that meet this criteria, the benefits are great. Students, as noted, must be incoming freshmen and they must have a cumulative grade point average that meets the annual requirements. Financial need and a FAFSA are also required. For more information on this scholarship and how you can apply, visit the link here.

School of Communication Scholarships

School of Communication Scholarships

Among the many Ohio State scholarships available, there are several that are tied to the degree of pursuit or the college of attendance. For example, the Ohio State School of Communication offers many different scholarships that are specific to those that are in the field of communications. This scholarship award offers up to eighty-thousand dollars across several different individualized scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are given each spring at a banquet dedicated to honoring those who have met the stringent requirements of the scholarship application process. In order to be eligible, the student must be studying in the communications school and they must demonstrate leadership and academic prowess. For a full list of scholarships and the criteria for each via the School of Communication, visit this link.

School of Communication Scholarships

Maximus Scholarship

The Maximus Scholarship is another in the long list of Ohio State scholarships that is given to students who are interested in learning without breaking the bank in the process. These scholarships are given to students that have a minimum grade point average of at least a 3.2 and are accepted into the school. No monies will need to be repaid, but this scholarship can earn student thousands upon thousands of dollars annually. It is a renewable scholarship given through the school’s financial aid office. All inquiries regarding eligibility and application processes should be directed to them or can be addressed by visiting the school’s website.