Eagle Scout Scholarship

The United States National Association of Eagle Scouts offers two different types of scholarships. The first is an academic scholarship, which includes various numbers of scholarships affiliated with funders or other associations.

Lawrence and Mabel Cooke Scholarship program

Eagle Scouts can qualify to win one of the Lawrence and Mabel Cooke scholarships. The Cooke scholarships annually award four scholarships valued at $25,000, which is paid at $6,250 per academic year. One Cooke Eagle Scout scholarship is worth $48,000, which pays out at $12,000 each academic year for four years. Additional information on the Cooke scholarships can be found on the Eagle Scout National website.

NESA STEM and United Health Scholarships

NESA STEM and United Health Scholarships

The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) has two other scholarships available to Eagle Scouts in good standing. The $50,000 Science, technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) scholarship pays up to $12,500 each academic year for four years.

The United Health Foundation Eagle Scout scholarship is offered to one applicant who will be pursuing a healthcare career, and who will reinvest his skills and knowledge in an underserved area after graduation. More information on the STEM and United Health Foundation Scholarships are found on their website.

Applicants for NESA academic scholarships must be students graduating from high school who are also Eagle Scouts. You must be graduating in the same year for which you will be presented a scholarship, if you win.

Committees to select scholarship winners are formed every year in all four Boy Scouts of America regions. They include Western, Central, Southern and Northeast. They will be in charge of recommending the recipients of the scholarships. Final determination is actually made by the NESA National Scholarship Committee.

Merit Scholarships

Students who apply for Eagle Scout merit scholarships must be in good standing as Eagle Scouts and be graduating from high school or attending undergraduate classes. College freshmen, sophomores and juniors are invited to apply.

Over 5,000 applications for the NESA scholarship are submitted every year, and less than 250 will be awarded, so there is stiff competition.

McElwain/Hall Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each academic year. Each region will review its own applications, and will award a various number of these scholarships, which are valued at $1,000 each.

Berdena & Arthur King Eagle Scout Scholarship

Berdena & Arthur King Eagle Scout Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Sons of the American Revolution Society. It is open to Eagle Scouts under the age of 19. Three scholarships are available on the national level. First place is worth $10,000; the first runner up is worth $6,500 and the second runner up is paid $4,000 in tuition help. Some prizes are also awarded at local and state levels.

If you are eligible, you’ll need to submit a patriotic essay of 500 words, and an ancestry chart that goes back four generations. You do not need to qualify for Sons of the America Revolution membership to apply. More information is available at the Sons of the American Revolution scholarship website.

American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship

American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship

The American legion sponsors this Eagle Scout Scholarship opportunity. It awards $10,000 in scholarship funding for the Eagle Scout of the Year and three scholarships for second place scouts, at $2,500 each. There may also be awards at the state level.

You must have already received an Eagle Scout Award and your religious emblem by your religious institution for this award. In addition, you need to demonstrate good citizenship in your scouting group, school, church and community. You must also be the son (or grandson) of a member of the American Legion or its Auxiliary. Alternately, you may be a member of a unit of Scouts chartered to a specific Legion post or squadron of Sons of the American Legion. Check the Legion scholarship website for more information.