Easy Scholarships

Many students are often so busy that it is challenging to find free time to search for scholarships. Even when students find a scholarship that interests them, they must then go through a time consuming process to write an essay, obtain letters of recommendation, and fill out length forms. However, there are a number of [...]

Scholarship Search Engine

Students often wonder how to begin their search for quality scholarships. Without a clear guide, it is easy to waste precious time looking for and even applying to scholarships that are not a good match for the candidate’s background. This is where the guide of a search engine becomes helpful. The first step is determining [...]

Random Scholarships

Have you ever noticed that some scholarships are just plain weird? Sometimes, these scholarships can be really fun to apply for and can lighten the tone of having to find funding. Additionally, some of these awards are less competitive than larger merit-based awards. See below for a list of random scholarships: Parapsychological Association Research Endowment: [...]

Scholarships for Orphans

When thinking about how to spend precious federal funding to support college students, one of the highest priorities is given to children who have lost their parents or children who have no parents. In addition to various federal opportunities, many individual colleges, universities, and private organizations also pour funding into scholarships to help support college-bound [...]

Presidential Scholarships

The Department of Education sponsors the United States Presidential Scholars Program every year. This program supports the top students across the country in their quest to obtain a higher education. The award was established in 1964 and is open to high school seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and commit service. Each winner is [...]

First Generation Scholarships

Many different colleges, organizations, and other companies offer financial support to first generation college students. These entities understand the difficulties that first generation college students face, from searching for the right fit to financing a college education. Below are some of the scholarships programs that first generation college students can apply to for funding: Sallie [...]

Bill Gates Scholarship

In an effort to attract the best and brightest students to continue their education, Bill Gates founded the Gates Millennium Scholars Program in 1999. An initial $1 billion grant from Bill Gates provided the initial fun dinging for these full-ride scholarships. One of the missions of the program is to foster the educational needs of [...]

Military Scholarships

Choosing to pursue an education following high school graduation or GED completion is one path that many individuals pursue. Others, however, choose something a bit more daring and intense: the US military. Still, for others, the pursuit of one or the other is not the desired outcome of their life’s path. Rather, they wish to [...]

Full Ride Scholarships

Paying for school can be expensive. There are many different things to consider and different areas to cover with the right funds that the burden can seem endless. There are, however, many different scholarships available that can help in funding this education. There are small scholarships from local organizations that can help defray the costs [...]

Best Scholarships

When it comes to finding scholarships for students, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That is to say that not every student will find every scholarship opportunity convenient or beneficial for their lifestyles. This is because everyone has unique talents, unique gifts, and unique organizational memberships. Therefore, what are the best scholarships for one individual [...]