College Board Scholarships

Every year, students who take the PSAT and SAT are eligible to be considered for scholarships. Last year, the College Board reported that they will begin offering Scholarships to students earlier in high school. The awards were always available to students who took the PSAT during their junior year in high school, however this new [...]

The Bully Scholarship Edition

The Bully Scholarship Edition game was developed by Rockstar Vancouver and published under Rockstar Games. This edition of the game was released in March 2008 and it is a remake of a previous version, which was released in October 2006. The game is an action-adventure which can be played either by one individual or multiple [...]

Track Scholarships

Athletes who run track understand the importance of pacing and sprinting. In some ways, searching for scholarships is a very similar process. There are certain times that you will want to pace your search, so that you do not become overwhelmed. Other times, perhaps during peak application time, you will want to speed up the [...]

Lottery Scholarships

Lottery scholarships are a great option for students who wish to take their chance with getting funding. In fact, given the lack of guaranteed funding, some states now rely mainly on lottery scholarships to determine which students will receive financial support when attending college. Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, New Mexico, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky [...]

Unclaimed Scholarships

Every year many high school and college students worry about how to afford a college education. In addition, parents of high school students often wonder how to best finance their child’s education. Given the many individuals who worry about how to fund their education, it may come as a surprise that every year there are [...]

Asthma Scholarships

Students with asthma face the daunting challenging of moving away from home with a medical condition. Just as struggling to get enough air can be difficult, so too can the hardship of finding tuition money to offset the cost of college. However, many scholarships were created specifically for students with asthma. Check out the asthma [...]

Simple Scholarships

College and high school students are often very busy and over-extended. It can be challenging for these students to balance academics, extra-curricular involvement, work, and family demands. When does a student have time to fill out lengthy application forms? Time and complexity of scholarships are something that many students take into account when deciding whether [...]

Available Scholarships

For students who are unfamiliar with scholarships, it can be difficult to determine which scholarships are available to them. It is easy to spend countless hours preparing an application only to realize that you do not match the exact criteria for the award. What is the best way to determine scholarships that are available to [...]

Unique Scholarships

With so many different scholarships available, how do students narrow down their choices? Some students prefer to apply for unique scholarships, as there is often less competition. Some of these awards have such specific criteria that they apply to relatively few students. Other students prefer to apply to unique scholarships because they enable to student [...]

Fun Scholarships

Students often have so many tasks in front of them that the thought of applying to boring scholarships is not appealing. That leads many students to avoid searching for and applying to scholarships. If this sounds like you, it is time to stop procrastinating! Try to ease your way into the scholarship search by applying [...]