College Jumpstart Scholarships

College Jumpstart Scholarships provide academically talented students with an opportunity to compete for college scholarships. Financial need is not taken into account, since this awarded is given out based only on academic achievement. Any student who can demonstrate a strong commitment to their education has a good chance of winning this award. In order to [...]

Texas Christian University Scholarships

Students at Texas Christian University often wonder how to best fund their college degree. What students may not know is that Texas Christian University provides a variety of different scholarships in order to help students reach their goal of achieving a college degree. One of the best ways to start your search for TCU scholarships [...]

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarships

Are you a fan of zombies? If so, this is one scholarship you will definitely want to consider applying for! This scholarship promotes creativity by forcing students to think of how they would survive if a zombie apocalypse were to occur on their campus. For example, students are asked to consider what items they would [...]

Baylor University Scholarships

Baylor University is a top choice for many aspiring college students. One thing many students who consider enrolling in Baylor have in common is their concern for how to fund the high cost of their education. Luckily, Baylor has a number of different scholarship opportunities available to incoming and current students. The list below provides [...]

University of South Florida Scholarships

Students who intend to enroll in the University of South Florida often wonder how to afford their education. Luckily, there are a number of resources available to USF students. Some of these scholarships come in the form of state of federal aid. In order to receive maximum consideration for these scholarships, students should complete a [...]

The Critical Language Scholarship Program

The Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS) is a program that enables undergraduate and graduate students from the United States to study abroad during the summer. The program provides funding to students who desire to master one of the highly needed critical foreign languages. The current languages that are considered critical include: Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, [...]

BYU Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending BYU may wonder how to best fund their education. Luckily, there are a number of scholarships to help students at BYU afford an education. One of the best ways to get started is to complete the FAFSA application. This application will quickly enable students to see whether they qualify [...]

Georgia Hope Scholarships

The Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally, or HOPE, scholarships are available to eligible students in Georgia. Thus far, the program has provided GA students with more than $7 billion in college funding since it was established in 1992. The funding for these scholarships comes from the Georgia Lottery for Education. In total, there are six different [...]

College Board Scholarships

Every year, students who take the PSAT and SAT are eligible to be considered for scholarships. Last year, the College Board reported that they will begin offering Scholarships to students earlier in high school. The awards were always available to students who took the PSAT during their junior year in high school, however this new [...]

The Bully Scholarship Edition

The Bully Scholarship Edition game was developed by Rockstar Vancouver and published under Rockstar Games. This edition of the game was released in March 2008 and it is a remake of a previous version, which was released in October 2006. The game is an action-adventure which can be played either by one individual or multiple [...]