Cheerleading Scholarships


Cheerleading at the college level is a sport all its own. You will be providing valuable support for your school teams and entertainment for their fans. Although not recognized as an “athletic team” specifically, you can still find scholarships for cheerleading at numerous schools. Cheerleading is quite demanding, and you should research available scholarships while [...]

Creative Writing Scholarships


When you’re busy applying to colleges or for financial aid and scholarships, you’re already doing a lot of writing. This is a chore for some students, but if you plan to eventually write as a career, you’ll be more willing to spend time writing now, since there are scholarships out there for you. Take the [...]

Community Service Scholarships


For all students to have a chance at success, the education system needs to work at providing the encouragement and support that students need in order to thrive. So many students head off to college without being prepared, and that means it will be tougher for them to keep pace with peers who are better-off. [...]

Photography Scholarships


Photographers who use their talents professionally spend a great deal of time behind their lens. There are plenty of opportunities in the industry that will help you pursue a higher education in photography. The technology of photography is studied at the level of associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees. In addition, advanced instruction serves you, helping [...]