Athletic Scholarships


Being an athlete at the high school level is an impressive task. There are practices to make, skills to learn, and many hours that must be spent training in the sport. For those that pursue this path, there are also other educational requirements as well, including classes to attend, tests to past, and academic grade [...]

Dance Scholarships


Dance is a sport that takes discipline, time, and dedication to master. Those who are well versed in the world of dance and who work to gain talent in this area often have to spend countless hours in classes and in the gym to hone their skill to the proper levels. This dedication is rewarded [...]

Weightlifting Scholarships


When you are hitting the mats and competing in weightlifting contests, chances are that you are not thinking about the lucrative side of the sport in terms of your collegiate career. Yes, there are prize monies that can be won, but in the heat of the moment it is likely that you are just thinking [...]

Softball Scholarships


When you play a sport, you are doing more than improving your chances of a lucrative future on the field. You are doing more than building your body and showing that you have discipline and stamina. You are also showing that you have what it takes to go to college and may even earn a [...]

Singing Scholarships


When it comes to musical abilities, some are more inclined than others. While we all like to think we have the voice of an angel, the fact is that many of us struggle to find the right note or the right key. For those that do have beautiful voices, however, the opportunities to share that [...]

Scholarships for Musicians


When it comes to pursuing a degree or college career in any area, there can be many different opportunities for funding available, if you know where to look. If you are a musician or involved in the arts, for example, there are actually funding and gran opportunities that are reserved solely for you. These programs [...]

Lacrosse Scholarships


If you play lacrosse, you know that it is a sport that requires mental and physical toughness. There is the need to master the use of the tools needed for success as well as an understanding of strategy and processes that will lead your team to victory. If you are a lacrosse player, though, you [...]

Equestrian Scholarships


Equestrian riding is more than just a sport. It is a true art. Those that navigate a horse through the different obstacles, challenges, jumps, and trots show a great deal of poise and grace via the movements of the animal. Equestrians spend countless hours training for competitions and creating a relationship with the animal upon [...]

Poetry Scholarships


Some people have a happy talent for writing prose. There are numerous scholarships available for students who enjoy or write poetry. Many of these grants will require that you provide a poetry sample, so the scholarship committee can read your work. Others require only that you are interested in creative writing or poetry. Some scholarship [...]

Eagle Scout Scholarship


The United States National Association of Eagle Scouts offers two different types of scholarships. The first is an academic scholarship, which includes various numbers of scholarships affiliated with funders or other associations. Lawrence and Mabel Cooke Scholarship program Eagle Scouts can qualify to win one of the Lawrence and Mabel Cooke scholarships. The Cooke scholarships [...]