Udall Scholarship


Each year, the Udall Foundation awards approximately 60 scholarships to college sophomores and juniors. The awards are each worth $7,000. This scholarship was created in memory of Morris and Stewart Udall, who both had great impacts on health care and the self-governance of American Indians. As such, this award seeks to honor students who have [...]

Robertson Scholarship


The Robertson Scholarship is awarded based on a combination of academic merit and leadership potential. Approximately 35 students receive the award each year. Recipients receive a special opportunity to take part in a joint program at two different universities in North Carolina: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. This award was [...]

Promise Scholarship


The Promise scholarship is an award that is available to college students in West Virginia. This award is a merit-based award, making it more competitive to receive than other WV scholarships. The Promise scholarship can be used to defray the cost of student fees and/or tuition. In order to be eligible for this award, students [...]

Critical Language Scholarship


For over ten years, the Critical Language Scholarship Program has helped students accrue language skills abroad. The program funds American undergraduate and graduate students who desire to study in another country. Students of various language abilities are encouraged to apply. The program is funded through the U.S. Department of Education. A main part of the [...]

Computer Science Scholarship


Computer science is one of the hottest new majors among college students. There are a number of jobs that go unfilled each year, due to the lack of qualified candidates. In an effort to reduce this gap, a number of scholarships have been created to encourage students to enter the computer science field. The list [...]

Academic Scholarships


Academic scholarships, or merit based awards, are most commonly awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. Sometimes, this can be in a particular area (i.e., science, math) while other times it refers to a students overall academic performance. Typically, these awards require students to submit a copy of their transcripts and require a [...]

Poetry Scholarships


Students from all walks of life wonder how to best fund their college education. Poetry students are in a unique situation, in that there are a number of scholarships for students studying English and foreign languages, and they may be eligible for those. However, they may not know that there are also a number of [...]

Foreign Language Scholarships


Students studying foreign languages have increased cultural awareness, the opportunity to interact with more diverse individuals, and perhaps even the chance to study abroad. Many students who study foreign languages worry about how to fund their education, study abroad trips, and supplemental cultural experiences necessary to improve their language skills. For students seeking foreign language [...]

Scholarships for Student Athletes


Students who participate in sports may be eligible to receive scholarships for their college education. Students who want to obtain athletic scholarships may have to search a little harder than students who are seeking academic scholarships, but there are definitely a variety of athletic scholarships available. One of the best ways to obtain an athletic [...]