Scholarships in Utah

Trying to find scholarships for college can be a bit overwhelming. There are many different options and each seems to have their own criteria to be met. But, you should not look at this as a problem. On the contrary, fitting the different criteria and navigating the different requirements can be an absolutely fabulous aspect [...]

Scholarships in Maine

Maine is a beautiful part of the country. Nestled in the Northeast and known for their vibrant culture and fishing life, this region of the world is absolutely stunning in its physical beauty and the interesting people that it brings. It also has many institutions of higher learning that make going to school in this [...]

Scholarships in Iowa

When it comes to funding an education, there are many different aspects to be considered. Luckily, several scholarships exist to help defray the costs. While these criteria can vary from location to location, one of the biggest aspects and criteria are state requirement. There are scholarships reserved for those in a particular region or state [...]

Scholarships in Florida

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is a location that many view as a vacation getaway. So many sandy beaches and fun activities, it is the perfect location for excitement and rest. Yet, there is more to this state than simple vacationing. There is a whole host of opportunities for higher learning and achieving educational [...]

Scholarships in California

California is a large and populated state with many great institutions of higher learning. Whether you are staying in the region post high school graduation or are planning on moving away, it is important to find scholarships in California that can help you to get on the right foot. If you are considering going to [...]

Scholarships in Alabama

Regional and state based scholarships are extremely important to identify if you are a college student or highs schooler in the United States that is looking for ways to promote and further your education. There are several state-based scholarships available that rely on academic, financial, and state residency requirements. Alabama is no exception to this [...]

ASU Scholarships

Arizona State University is an amazing and nationally ranked public university in the Western Region of the United States. This collegiate environment mixes both academics with fun and memorable social opportunities. For those that are interested in pursuing a degree at ASU, you may worry that the cost could be prohibitive. For that reason, there [...]

Scholarships in Texas

Scholarships have several different criteria and eligibility restrictions that help to target a particular group or subsection of the population. In the United States, there are several scholarship opportunities that are restricted to only certain students that fit a particular state residency requirement. State governments, localities, and businesses from a particular region of the country [...]

Scholarships in Ohio

When it comes to funding a college education, there are several different scholarships available to help aid an individual with the cost. Many times, though, these scholarships have specific, targeted audiences. For instance, there are scholarships available for women specifically while others are for certain degree areas. There are scholarships for cancer survivors and there [...]