Colorado Scholarships


Students from Colorado who are seeking funding to attend college may be wondering where to start. One of the best places to begin when seeking state level funding is to complete the FAFSA. This form will tell students whether they qualify for any priority funding. In addition, the below Colorado scholarship list can serve as [...]

Bright Futures Scholarship


The Bright Futures Scholarship program is available to eligible students who live in the state of Florida. This award is offered through the Florida Lottery program, which was designed to make college more affordable to promising high school graduates who demonstrate financial need. The award may be used at any in-state institution. This award is [...]

California Scholarship Foundation


The California Scholarship Foundation was created to recognize students in California who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. Students must apply for membership each semester and membership decisions are awarded based on semester grades. One of the rewards for members, is the ability to apply for one of several scholarships offered through the California Scholarship [...]

Scholarships in Georgia


Georgia is a beautiful southern state. Known for its hospitality, warm and welcoming attitudes, and both country and metropolitan life, this region of the world offers more than just the beauty of the natural and manmade landscapes. They offer amazing collegiate level educational facilities as well. Georgia is home to universities and colleges both large [...]

Scholarships in Arkansas


The United States has amazing opportunities for pursuing a higher education. Every state in the Union has at least one university or college that students can attend to attain their degrees. These major and minor collegiate institutions are beautiful and unique to their regions of the country, and Arkansas is no exception to this rule. [...]

Oregon Scholarships


When it comes to going to school in the United States, there are thousands upon thousands of different educational venues from which an individual can choose. Each state in the union provides opportunity for learning at either a vocational and associates level or undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Among the different states with tremendous institutions [...]

Maryland Scholarships


Maryland is an awesome state in the Union that has much to offer those who visit there for a day, week, month, or move in. The state is home to some major cities like Baltimore, has some of the best seafood in the nation, and is home to the Baltimore Ravens. The state is close [...]

Scholarships in Wisconsin


Wisconsin became a state in 1848 and has been a prominent part of the Midwestern region. Known for cheese, badgers, and Midwestern hospitality, this state has been contributing economically and politically in the country since its admission all those years ago. Another way that this state has continued to make its mark in the world [...]

Scholarships in Indiana


Indiana is a beautiful state known for their quality of people, They have a devotion to their sports teams and their colleges of choice that runs deep and far. This is the land of cornfields and of amazing cities, a juxtaposition that is not unlost on those who both visit and call this place home. [...]

Tennessee Scholarships


Southern states give way to a great opportunity for some unique living. There is the sweet southern style of hospitality and welcoming attitudes. There are beautiful landscapes, thick southern draws, and an amazing array of institutions of higher learning which can provide an amazing amount of different educational opportunities. For those that are looking to [...]