Massachusetts Scholarships

Massachusetts is a mecca for college students from all walks of life. Boasting world renowned universities, such as Harvard, M.I.T., and Boston University, students from all over the world are attracted to MA to further their college education. The state of MA has developed a number of scholarships that are open to MA residents. Some [...]

Connecticut Scholarships

Students in CT have a number of choices regarding which college to attend. Regardless of whether the aim is to attend an Ivy league or junior college, many students face the same struggles in determining how to best fund their college degree. Many scholarships exist through the state of CT to help CT residents fund [...]

Scholarships in Illinois

Students in Illinois have a plethora of options when it comes to funding their college education. Many programs are available through the federal government and aim to help cover the cost of college for residents of Illinois. Other scholarships, through private foundations, are open to students who attend an Illinois university or who are from [...]

Missouri Scholarships

Students from Missouri may not know that there are a number of scholarships offered through the state and federal governments to help them reach their goal of pursing an advanced degree. In addition to scholarships offered at the governmental level, many individual colleges and universities offer their own scholarships to help Missouri students make education [...]

North Carolina Scholarships

Every year thousands of North Carolina students return to colleges and universities throughout the state. And every year, thousands of out-of-state students flock to NC for their top notch schools. What many of these students may not realize, is that there are thousands of dollars in scholarships that may be available tot hem simply for [...]

Idaho Scholarships

Each year, thousands of Idaho students return to school to pursue a college degree. Some of these students attend local colleges within the state of Idaho while other students head to universities that are out-of-state. If you have Idaho ties and are planning to attend college (or are currently enrolled in a college or university), [...]

Louisiana Scholarships

Students who are residents of LA or who plan to attend a college or university in LA may benefit from programs that want to help them fund their studies. One of the first steps students should take is to complete a FAFSA form. This form will tell them whether they qualify for any type of [...]

Colorado Scholarships

Students from Colorado who are seeking funding to attend college may be wondering where to start. One of the best places to begin when seeking state level funding is to complete the FAFSA. This form will tell students whether they qualify for any priority funding. In addition, the below Colorado scholarship list can serve as [...]

Bright Futures Scholarship

The Bright Futures Scholarship program is available to eligible students who live in the state of Florida. This award is offered through the Florida Lottery program, which was designed to make college more affordable to promising high school graduates who demonstrate financial need. The award may be used at any in-state institution. This award is [...]

California Scholarship Foundation

The California Scholarship Foundation was created to recognize students in California who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. Students must apply for membership each semester and membership decisions are awarded based on semester grades. One of the rewards for members, is the ability to apply for one of several scholarships offered through the California Scholarship [...]