Washington State Scholarships

Students who have ties to Washington State have plenty of scholarships that they may want to consider. Some of these scholarships are reserved for residents of Washington State while others are open to students from anywhere who intend to matriculate in a university in Washington State. There are a number of way that Washington students [...]

West Virginia Scholarships

Many West Virginia students contemplate whether they can afford to attend college. Given the rising costs of education, there are many West Virginia scholarships that are available to help students fund their college degree. Some of these awards are open exclusively to residents to WV while others are available to students who come from another [...]

Pennsylvania Scholarships

Pennsylvania is home to a number of world class colleges and universities. The plethora of options for pursuing a higher education, from the small liberal arts colleges to the large state universities, make PA one of the most densely populated college states. For many students, funding a college education can seem challenging. However, the State [...]

New York Scholarships

Many students long to attend a college or university in the Big Apple. The allure of city life, the plethora of professional opportunities, and the amazing quality of colleges make NY an appealing location to study. NY has a number of scholarships available to students, regardless of whether a student plans to study in the [...]

New Mexico Scholarships

From the Sandia Mountains to the expansive desert areas, students from all around New Mexico are seeking ways to ease the financial burden of a higher education. Many awards exist that enable students to substantially ease the cost of attending school in NM. Some of these awards are available through the state government while others [...]

New Jersey Scholarships

Students often flock to NJ for the inclusiveness and diversity of the colleges and universities. New Jersey has a number of grants that help make college more affordable for hundreds of thousands of students. Some of these programs are only available to residents of NJ while other will provide funding for students from out-of-state who [...]

Nevada Scholarships

Students from Nevada often wonder to to best fund their education. There are a number of programs available through the federal, state, and local governments to help Nevada students afford college. In addition, most colleges and universities in Nevada offer some scholarships. Some of these scholarships are only available to Nevada residents while others are [...]

Nebraska Scholarships

Students who hail from Nebraska may want to learn more about how to fund a college education. A number of resources exist through the Nebraska state government, the federal government, and individual Nebraska colleges and universities. Some of these awards are geared towards students who are residents of Nebraska, those who plan to enter a [...]

Montana Scholarships

Students often wonder how to find Montana scholarships among the thousands of scholarships that are available to students. One of the best places to start is by looking at the scholarships that are awarded to students through the Montana state government. Many of these awards are only open to residents of Montana. Another way to [...]

Minnesota Scholarships

Minnesota students who dream of pursuing a higher education often wonder how to best fund their education. The state of Minnesota has put a lot of effort into providing funding in the form of scholarships to students who want to return to school. Some of these awards are open only to students who are residents [...]