MIT Scholarships

MIT is a leading institution of higher learning that has passed through generations of individuals that are becoming and have become the leaders in several different career fields. Located in Massachusetts, MIT is the shortened name given to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an institution which focuses on these career areas among others. For those [...]

UT Austin Scholarships

There are many great schools of higher education from which a new student can choose. There are great institutions in the North that give that metropolitan feel. There are rural western schools, too, that embrace the beauty of nature with a smaller campus vibe. And, there are also amazing southern schools like the University of [...]

USC Scholarships

The University of Southern California (USC) is a gorgeous locale for learning. With the California sun and gorgeous weather, this institution couples great scenery with tough and rigorous academics that make it one of the best in the nation. Unfortunately, for many students that want to attend this university, the cost can be a bit [...]

University of Phoenix Scholarships

When it comes to reaching the next level in education, there are several things that can prohibit someone from taking the next step. But, remember that there are scholarships available, including those that are specific to the school of which you are planning to attend. If you are going to be taking classes at the [...]

UCLA Scholarships

The University of California has several different branch campuses and other institutions throughout the greater California region. One of the most popular, in both sports and academics, is the Los Angeles campus. UCLA is a great location for learning and living during college. Yet, the environment can be an expensive one, sending almost debilitating costs [...]

Penn State Scholarships

Scholarships offered by Penn State are typically awarded to students with exemplary grades. They are quite competitive, since funding is limited. Scholarships are more attractive options than student loans, since they don’t have to be repaid. All students at Penn State are encouraged to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so that [...]

Community College Scholarships

If you just graduated from high school or are returning to school after a delay, community colleges are a wonderful place to begin. Attending a community college is a great deal less expensive than going to a four-year college. Sometimes people aren’t sure if they’re ready for a larger school, and community colleges offer you [...]