Air Force Scholarships

Students who are interested in serving their country can earn a free college tuition through aAir Force scholarships. This enables students to attend college without graduating with heavy debt. Students who are interested should know that there are several different types of U.S. Air Force Scholarships. The first type of scholarships covers the cost of [...]

Columbia University Scholarships

Students who are accepted to Columbia University often question how to best finance a college degree that comes with a hefty price tag. While Columbia University maintains a number of school-specific scholarships, they also encourage students to apply for other types of financial aid. In order to maximize your chances of getting a scholarship to [...]

Graduate Scholarships for Women

Are you a woman seeking to return to college for an advanced degree? If so, then this article may help you find some free cash to fund your studies. There are a number of scholarships geared towards women who are returning to graduate school. Many of these scholarships were designed to close the gender gap [...]

Morehead Scholarship

The Morehead-Cain Scholarship was founded in 1951. The scholarship is open to undergraduate students who plan to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The scholarships are quite competitive due to the quality of benefits that recipients receive. A number of Morehead-Cain Scholars have gone on to win prestigious awards, such as the [...]

Private School Scholarships

Attending a private school is an appealing choice for a number of students. Typically, private schools are able to offer many benefits that public schools just can’t match. For example, many students are attracted to private schools due to the increased level of mentoring and individual attention they receive from faculty and advisors. Traditionally, private [...]

Scholarships for Undergraduates

As a first year undergraduate student, the last thing on your mind is paying for college in future years. Most likely, moving into a dorm, making new friends, and choosing a major are higher priority concerns that searching for scholarships. However, some scholarships are available to students in their first year of college, as well [...]

Graduate School Scholarships

Graduate students come from all walks of life. Some grad students come from straight out of undergraduate school while others return for an advanced degree after being in the workforce for a number of years. One thing most students have in common is a desire to come out of graduate school with no or minimal [...]

Homeschool Scholarships

Students who are homeschooled have a number of unique educational experiences. Often, they have more individualized attention and have the opportunity to explore subjects that they find appealing. In addition, to these advantages of being homeschooled, students who are homeschooled also are eligible for a number of scholarships that were created just for them! In [...]

Accounting Scholarships

For those who enjoy numbers and love mathematical equations, there are many different fields of study at the collegiate level that offer the opportunity to learn more. The most popular of these are those in the business area. The business field is very diversified and provides individuals the opportunity to pursue anything from management to [...]

Ohio State Scholarships

If you are going to attend college, then, you want to ensure that you are given every opportunity to succeed. This can take on different modes for different people and mean different things depending on who you are and what you need. For you, going to college may be getting into that special school like [...]