Scholarships for Black Women


Black women, as a whole, face a disproportionate amount of economic issues. When compared with their white counterparts, black women often see higher levels of single motherhood, find themselves in poverty more often, and can be the recipient of both racial and sexist stereotypes. While this does not prohibit them from attending college, it can [...]

Scholarships for Pakistani Students


Each academic year, many students come to the United States to train for their careers. Students who earn their degrees in the United States can follow up their schooling with one year of work in the States, to receive practical experience in their fields. Since the US welcomes students from many countries, diversity in culture [...]

Scholarships for Minorities


It is often difficult to secure enough funding to attend college without going into debt. Along with tuition, you may have to consider room and board, books, lab fees and parking, among other expenses. This can set you up for student loan debt that may last far beyond your college years. For some population segments, [...]

Scholarships for Black Students


Each year, over $50 billion in awards scholarships are given to students of any ethnic background. This includes numerous awards for which only African American students are eligible. These opportunities are necessary, since African Americans are continuing to show the most need in areas of financial assistance.  The education gap that exists between white students [...]

Hispanic Scholarships


Hispanic Scholarships Foreword Students from minority backgrounds may have trouble knowing where to look for scholarships to fund their studies. However, Hispanic students should not feel discouraged since there are many scholarships that are open to students from Hispanic backgrounds. Some of these scholarships are awarded based on financial need while other scholarships are based [...]