Graphic Design Scholarships

Students who study in the field of graphic design may choose from many career opportunities when they graduate. Depending on your education level, you may work in advertising, journalism, public relations or publishing. Graphic design is also in high demand for businesses, since project managers use multimedia presentations for their potential clients. Advanced degrees in [...]

Journalism Scholarships

Whether you have already had experience in journalism at your high school, or are just beginning to explore the subject as your possible major, there are numerous scholarships available that will help cut back your student debt. What can journalism devotees do to find these scholarships? All you need to do is a bit of [...]

Scholarships for Women in Science

Whether you want to earn your first degree or return to school to train for a new career, you’re one of many women who attend college today. In science fields, men heavily outnumber women, though. This makes women the minority in many classes. To encourage women like you to enroll and excel in these science [...]

Culinary Scholarships

There is more to culinary arts than cooking. Professionals in the field prepare dishes so that they are works of art that are also edible. Foods are prepared and then arranged so that they please the eyes and then the taste buds. You will learn various duties in your schooling in the culinary arts. Culinary [...]

Criminal Justice Scholarships

When you are considering a career in criminal justice, you may wonder about your options for employment when you graduate. Usually, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is a good foundation for a career in criminal justice. For some career opportunities, you may require certification beyond a degree in order to get the position you want. [...]

Beauty School Scholarships

Most women want to look beautiful but natural, and if your goal is to help other people to look and feel great, perhaps you are considering a career in cosmetology. Schools with cosmetology programs provide you with training in skin care, hair design and nail technology. You will learn hands-on, while gaining knowledge and experience [...]

Aviation Scholarships

Aviation is an exciting profession, with opportunities ranging from helicopter pilots to air traffic controllers. Degrees are fairly expensive to earn, since the fees cover flight costs and lab fees. It is not uncommon for aviation students to graduate with a significant amount of debt from student loans. There are also issues unique to aviation, [...]

Cosmetology Scholarships

Most women would tell you, if pressed, that they’d rather be even a little more beautiful than they see themselves now. Pursuing a career as a cosmetologist will enable you to help people take that extra step. Of course, you need to pay for your education first. Cosmetology is rewarding, but the training and coursework [...]

STEM Scholarships

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math studies. Careers in this area are quite hot right now. Choosing a major in a STEM field may lead to lucrative job opportunities when you graduate. If you’re just entering college, though, you need to think about the ways to pay for your college education. If you [...]

Political Science Scholarships

The study of college-level Political Science will prepare you through all educational levels for a career in business, law, public service and politics. It is a social science, and also constitutes the backbone for careers in academics, journalism and activism. If you major in Political Science, your opportunities upon graduation are many. However, the cost [...]