Accounting Scholarships


For those who enjoy numbers and love mathematical equations, there are many different fields of study at the collegiate level that offer the opportunity to learn more. The most popular of these are those in the business area. The business field is very diversified and provides individuals the opportunity to pursue anything from management to [...]

Scholarships for Musicians


When it comes to pursuing a degree or college career in any area, there can be many different opportunities for funding available, if you know where to look. If you are a musician or involved in the arts, for example, there are actually funding and gran opportunities that are reserved solely for you. These programs [...]

IT Scholarships


When it comes to building a future career, there are many areas which seem to have the longevity and the foundation to create a long-term opportunity for success. Among the most popular and the ever growing is the field of technologies. Specifically, technical support and IT careers appear to be on the move and growing [...]

Scholarships for PhD Students


When it comes to pursuing your degree, there are several different factors that come into play. One of the most important is that of cost. Financial difficulties can stop a degree in its tracks before it is ever begun. But, the pursuit of education is so important that one should not deny their dreams without [...]

Scholarships for English Majors


When it comes to funding an education, there are many different scholarship opportunities available. These can vary from individual area to individual area and niche market to niche market. It is important that you understand that there are several different scholarship areas that can help you to narrow down the opportunities for you, including but [...]

Scholarships for Engineering Students


Engineering is a growing and varied field of study and employment. There are chemical engineers and industrial engineers. There are commercial engineers and civil, as well as more! There are several different scholarships available for this field of study, including those specifically for different types of engineering. If you are looking to pursue a degree [...]

Australia Scholarship


Australia can be a beautiful region to work, play, and study. There are great universities and colleges throughout the region that are dedicated to educating the next generation of Australians. For those students that want to attend a university in the region but are worried about the cost of the education, there is help available. [...]

Scholarships for Teachers


Teachers are an important resource in the workforce. Not only do they teach young individuals and adult learners, but they help to train the next generations in virtually any field. For those that want to pursue an education to become a teacher, which is highly specialized in many ways, there are scholarships for teachers that [...]

Scholarships for Nursing Students


Nursing is a field and career that relies on individuals giving back. Nurses must care for patients and be a resource for information and education on their own health. For many individuals who want to become nurses, the schooling can quickly become an expensive and financially worrisome cost. Yet, this education is absolutely necessary when [...]

Marine Biology Scholarships


Marine biology is the study of aquatic or marine life. Scientists in this field attempt to know, understand, research, and analyze the creatures and ecosystems that lie beneath the water’s surface. The secrets of the sea can help to do more than expand our knowledge of the earth’s systems. They can lead to discoveries in [...]