HPSP Scholarships

The Health Professions Scholarship Program, or HPSP, was created to assist future health care providers afford an education. In exchange for covering part or all of their tuition, the recipients of these scholarships agree to become a commissioned officer in one of the following branches: United States Navy, United States Air Force, or the United [...]

Teaching Scholarships

Students who are planning a career in teaching are among the most well funded students. A number of resources have been created to support the education of promising young teachers. In part, this is due to the lack of certified and qualified teachers. Some awards require teachers to specialize in high need areas, such as [...]

Health Professions Scholarship

The Health Professions Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for students to receive some paid tuition during their college years. The award is available through three different organizations: the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and the United States Army. Students who are planning to enter a variety of different health profession fields [...]

Fashion Scholarships

Aspiring fashion designers typically take a more unique and creative path towards higher education. Most students tend to enroll in a school that exclusively caters towards students interested in fashion, design, or the arts. What students may not realize is that there are a number of scholarships available to students planning to major in fashion. [...]

Agriculture Scholarships

Students who are planning to major in agriculture may not realize that there are numerous scholarships geared towards helping them finance a higher education. Some of these scholarships are awarded through private companies while others are offered through the government. While it can take some digging, there are a number of ways that students can [...]

MBA Scholarships

Perhaps more than any other discipline, MBA students understand the importance of having funding. Yet, finding MBA scholarships may seem daunting as there is relatively little information about where students should begin looking. One of the first steps students should take is to complete a FAFSA application to help them determine if they qualify for [...]

Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

Students who plan to major in mechanical engineering have a number of options to help them obtain scholarships. One of the first steps students should take is to complete the FAFSA application, as this can help students find out if they are eligible for federal or state funding. As a second step, students may want [...]

College Scholarships for High School Seniors

High school seniors are finally at the end of their high school career and about to make one of their first major independent decisions – where to go to college? One decision that goes hand in hand with where to go to college, is how to fund a college education? Typically, during senior year, students [...]

Scholarships for College Freshmen

Many students stop looking for college scholarships once they are accepted to a college. They accept whatever financial aid they were awarded in high school or whatever scholarships that the financial aid and admission’s offices determined that they were eligible for during their application process. However, this is a mistake because there are thousands of [...]

Scholarships for High School Juniors

Many high school students begin preparing for college entrance exams and for college visits during their sophomore years of high school. However, many students and families wait too long to consider looking into college scholarships for high school students. This is because it can be difficult to know which scholarships high school students are eligible [...]