US Bank Scholarship


Many financial institutions and banks have a vested interest in supporting those that are pursuing higher education degrees. Because college and university educations require much funding, there are many times that banks will provide backing for loans and offer discounts to students. These monies, though, are not free and will need to be paid back. [...]

Tylenol Scholarship


There are many major companies that you are likely to have purchased a product from that do more than just push goods and services. Many large corporations, charitable organizations, and small businesses alike make a portion of their company mission to participate in outreach and projects that give back. In the list of givers is [...]

Dr. Pepper Scholarship


Dr. Pepper is a drink that you have probably tasted at some point in your life. If you haven’t, there is still a strong chance that you know about this sweet soda pop and have at least seen commercials regarding new flavors and promotions. But, the Dr. Pepper company is more than just a provider [...]

Burger King Scholarship


When you think of Burger King, chances are that you think of food. There delicious whoppers and salty fries are great to the taste buds and relatively easy on a budget, but that is not all that Burger King is about. Burger King has made a concerted effort—like so many companies—to reward those in their [...]

Gates Scholarship


The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is open to students who are of Hispanic American, Pacific Islander, Asian American, Alaska Native, American Indian or African American heritage. Established originally in 1999, it was first funded by a one billion dollar grant from the Gates Foundation. This program is so much more than just a scholarship. It [...]

McDonalds Scholarships


Ronald McDonald House, a not-for-profit group established by McDonalds, has networks of local chapters that offer numerous scholarships to students. Since the system was established in 1985, millions of dollars have been awarded to students across the United States. Both the company and the organization are fueled by people who believe that quality is something [...]

Chick-fil-A Scholarship


Chick-fil-A strives to have a positive influence on the people they serve. They run an education program that starts by helping young children to implement fund-raising and to develop positive core values. The company also offers Kid’s Nights and Family Nights with events and themes that encourage family togetherness. In the last few years, Chick-fil-A [...]

Pepsi Scholarship


Among the most coveted of college scholarships are Pepsi sponsored programs, which award many scholarships each year. Students are responsible for gathering the information that will qualify them for the scholarships. The Pepsi scholarship program is very competitive. Applications are evaluated on the information that is supplied by students, so it’s important to answer the [...]

Pizza Hut Scholarship


If you work for Pizza Hut, or your parents are employed there, you could be eligible for a scholarship from the pizza chain to use for college tuition. Pizza Hut is one of the best-known pizza restaurants in the world, since it has quality food and convenient locations, in addition to delivery in many areas. [...]

Fast Food Scholarships Guide


Most people have challenges when it comes to paying for college. Loans take a big bite out of your budget, and you could be paying for them years after you graduate. But don’t give up on your dreams of a college degree just because you cannot afford tuition. Some students can’t work while they are [...]