Kaplan Scholarships

In today’s modern world, technologies are outpacing traditional mechanisms that had become customary and overused. Among the ways that technologies are changing life is in terms of education. No longer do physical classrooms need to be present in order for learning to take place. Instead, it is becoming more and more customary for individuals to [...]

Chegg Scholarship

Chegg is a retailer of all things college. They offer students the opportunity to find books, scholarships, tutors and more. The goal of Chegg is to build a collegiate experience for their students and fans that is second to none. They want to be the one stop shop for all things college and they are [...]

Amazon Scholarship

When it comes Amazon, the site has a reputation of excellence in the amount of different products they allow an individual to choose from. From technologies to clothing to games and movies and more, Amazon is really a site that is a one-stop shop for all things purchasable. Yet, Amazon is so much more than [...]

Coca Cola Scholarship

There are many major companies that work to create scholarship opportunities for their constituents, consumers, and customers.  The Coca Cola brand is no exception. This company offers their supporters and those interested a Coca Cola Scholarship. Funded through The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation, the scholarship program was enacted to serve the purpose of providing opportunities [...]

Walmart Scholarship

Walmart is a company that you have likely heard of, and most likely visited. This organization has millions of employees across several hundred locations and sells everything from paper goods to produce. The Walmart name, however, is not solely about selling things. Rather, they have several different philanthropic goals and services. Among them is the [...]

US Bank Scholarship

Many financial institutions and banks have a vested interest in supporting those that are pursuing higher education degrees. Because college and university educations require much funding, there are many times that banks will provide backing for loans and offer discounts to students. These monies, though, are not free and will need to be paid back. [...]

Tylenol Scholarship

There are many major companies that you are likely to have purchased a product from that do more than just push goods and services. Many large corporations, charitable organizations, and small businesses alike make a portion of their company mission to participate in outreach and projects that give back. In the list of givers is [...]

Dr. Pepper Scholarship

Dr. Pepper is a drink that you have probably tasted at some point in your life. If you haven’t, there is still a strong chance that you know about this sweet soda pop and have at least seen commercials regarding new flavors and promotions. But, the Dr. Pepper company is more than just a provider [...]

Burger King Scholarship

When you think of Burger King, chances are that you think of food. There delicious whoppers and salty fries are great to the taste buds and relatively easy on a budget, but that is not all that Burger King is about. Burger King has made a concerted effort—like so many companies—to reward those in their [...]

Gates Scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is open to students who are of Hispanic American, Pacific Islander, Asian American, Alaska Native, American Indian or African American heritage. Established originally in 1999, it was first funded by a one billion dollar grant from the Gates Foundation. This program is so much more than just a scholarship. It [...]