The SMART scholarship


The SMART scholarship stands for The Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarship for Service Program. This scholarship is supported by the Department of Defense. It is open to STEM students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The scholarship was created to increase the number of qualified civilians who are eligible to work for [...]

The AXA Achievement Scholarship


The AXA Achievement Scholarship has provided scholarships that range from $1,000 to $25,000 to young students all over the United States. Students who have won the AXA Achievement awards are called AXA Achievers. The program looks for students who show the potential to do well in college, who set goals and are determined, who demonstrate [...]

The Boren Scholarships


The Boren Scholarships provide the unique opportunity for students from the United States to study a foreign language abroad. There are scholarships available for both undergraduate students and graduate students, although the requirements and amount of funding slightly vary. Regardless of grade level, all applicants for the Boren scholarship must show that they are interested [...]

Nordstrom Scholarships


Like many things in life, the Nordstrom Scholarships program is constantly changing. In the past, this scholarship was used to support a variety of student endeavors. The program currently continues to provide financial support to students who were selected at the winners of the 2015 cycle. However, scholarships for the 2016 cycle are on hold [...]

Army ROTC scholarships


Army ROTC scholarships provide a number of different paths through which students can fund their education. One of the most unique aspects of this scholarship is that there are awards available for students from all different levels. Depending on your current education level, you will choose one of three paths. The first path is open [...]

Dell Scholarships


The Dell Scholars Program was founded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. It aims to provide funding to support the educational needs of students who have overcome challenges in pursuit of achieving a college degree. As such, the scholarship places greater emphasis on ambition, grit, determination, and potential than it does on previous academic [...]

Fastweb Scholarship


Fastweb is an online scholarship search engine that helps students narrow down their scholarship search quickly and efficiently. In order to better match students with appropriate awards, Fastweb requires students to complete a brief online profile as part of a registration process. The beginning of this process asks basic demographic information about students, such as [...]

Elks Scholarship


The Elks National Foundation has awarded nearly $4 million to students to support continuing education. The awards are broken into three different programs and each award has specific requirements. Applicants who are interested in the awards can find additional information below regarding each of the three opportunities. Most Valuable Student Scholarships: Each year 500 scholarships, [...]

Common Knowledge Scholaship


The Common Knowledge Challenge is sponsored by the FBI in order to increase awareness of the FBI’s missions, values, and goals. By increasing awareness of these items, the hope is that students will more strongly consider the FBI as a viable career path after graduation. The amount of the awards range from $250 to $5,000. [...]

KFC Scholarship


Kentucky Fried Chicken offers several different scholarship programs to help students afford a college education. Some of these awards are only open to current employees. Thus far, the company has helped over 2,500 students with financing an education. Below are the various types of awards that students may want to consider applying for: KFC Colonel’s [...]