Dunkin Donuts Scholarships

Many students who plan to attend college consider a variety of options when trying to decide how to fund their education. Perhaps one scholarship that you have not thought of can be found at the same place where you pick up your favorite morning coffee. For over 50 years, Dunkin Donuts has been providing scholarships [...]

Tennessee Hope Scholarships

The Tennessee Hope Scholarships have helped thousands of students afford a college education. These awards are provided through the state government and support students who are TN residents. There are several different scholarship amounts available, which may depend on whether the applicant intends to enroll in a two-year or four-year program. In order to be [...]

University of Alabama at Birmingham Scholarships

Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham usually wonder what they can do to make college more affordable. Many prospective students, and perhaps current students, may not know that the university offers a number of scholarships to students. One of the best ways to determine if you are eligible for any UAB scholarships is [...]

IHS Scholarships

The Indian Health Service Scholarship Program was designed to assist Alaskan Native and American Indian students achieve their goal of entering the health field. The program was established in 1978 to train students who ultimately wish to improve health services among the Indian population, which is critically underserved. In order to apply for the IHS [...]

Chipotle Scholarships

Who would have guessed that one of your favorite fast food restaurants supports scholarships for college? Perhaps it is not one of the first companies that would have come to mind when thinking of college scholarships, but it is true that Chipotle supports scholarships through their award, which is called The Next Generation Scholarship Fund [...]

Mitchell Scholarships

The George J. Mitchell Scholarship supports a cultural exchange between Ireland and the United States. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships that American students can receive in order to study abroad. The scholarship was established in 1998 and receives the majority of its funds from the U.S. Department of State. In order to [...]

Taco Bell Scholarships

Every year, Taco Bell gives out a number of scholarships to eligible college students. The scholarship aims to attract dreamers and entrepreneurs who wish to share their passion. As such, the evaluation criteria focus more on having a clear passion and a desire to pursue this passion as opposed to academic merit. In order to [...]

Shawn Carter Scholarships

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund was established in order to support the educational goals of motivated students who have financial need. The scholarship can be used to cover a variety of expenses related to the college experience, such as traveling to visit schools, lab fees, and textbooks. One aspect that is unique to this scholarship, [...]

Ole Miss Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending Ole Miss University, also known as the University of Mississippi, usually have concerns about how to afford the cost of college. Luckily, Ole Miss has a number of scholarships available. Some of these awards are earmarked for new students while other awards are open to continuing students. Additionally, some [...]

UNT Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending University of North Texas often wonder how to fund the rising cost of a college education. What many students may not realize is that there are many ways to fund an education at UNT. One of the best ways to start your scholarship search is to complete the FAFSA [...]