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LULAC Scholarship

LULAC offers scholarships for students seeking financial support for their college education. If you have never heard of LULAC, the acronym stands for the League of United Latin American Citizens. The scholarship was established in 1932 and helps support eligible students of Hispanic heritage fund their college degree. The program first began actively holding fundraisers, [...]

Flinn Scholarship (Arizona Students Only)

The Flinn scholarship was created to support outstanding AZ high school students afford a higher education. Specifically, the award is geared towards retaining AZ’s top students in AZ public schools. Each year, about twenty of the best and brightest students in AZ will be selected for this prestigious award. This scholarship is awarded based solely [...]

Baseball Scholarships

Students who play baseball may be eligible to receive scholarships to support their college education. NCAA Division I offers a limited number of scholarships to highly talented students. Some of these awards cover full tuition while others may be divided and only cover partial tuition. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood facts about sports scholarships [...]

Volleyball Scholarships

Students who are aim to play volleyball in college may be eligible for some volleyball scholarships. In order to determine whether you may be eligible for a scholarship, it is important to understand how volleyball scholarships work. There are a number of avenues possible when searching for sports scholarships, but it can be challenging for [...]

Churchill Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarship enables exceptionally talented students to student mathematics, engineering, or science at the University of Cambridge in England. Quite fittingly, Churchill Scholars are housed within Churchill College on the university grounds. The award is only open to students from the United States who range in age from 19 years old to 16 years [...]

Teaching Scholarships

Students who are planning a career in teaching are among the most well funded students. A number of resources have been created to support the education of promising young teachers. In part, this is due to the lack of certified and qualified teachers. Some awards require teachers to specialize in high need areas, such as [...]

Sports Scholarships

High school athletes often desire a full ride athletic scholarship. However, full ride scholarships are reserved for the athletes who are the cream of the crop. As such, it is incredible difficult to get a full-ride sports scholarship. To compound the fact that there are not enough sports scholarships, the ones that do exist typically [...]

Scholarships for Girls

With recent pushes to promote equity among the work force, an increasing number of funding agencies have created scholarships exclusively for girls. Some of these awards are offered through individual sponsors while others are offered through large organizations. Additionally, some money is available through the government, either at the state or federal level. Thus, it [...]

Hood Scholarship

Any student who has played high school sports understands the importance of good sportsmanship. More specifically, this may mean congratulating a team when they beat your team, helping an opponent in need, or contributing to your own fellow teammates in a meaningful way. As such, the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship rewards such students with scholarships worth [...]

Abigail Adams Scholarship (Attending School in Massachusetts Only)

The Abigail Adams Scholarship is one of the rare full-ride scholarships. The award is offered exclusively to students who plan to attend a state university or college in Massachusetts. This coveted award is one will will cover the entire cost of tuition for up to eight semesters. Thus, it is possible for a student to [...]