Athletic Scholarship Grant

Being an athlete at the high school level is an impressive task. There are practices to make, skills to learn, and many hours that must be spent training in the sport. For those that pursue this path, there are also other educational requirements as well, including classes to attend, tests to past, and academic grade point averages to maintain. But, for those who master the field of play and the classroom, there are many different financial awards that can be earned. Known as student-athlete or athletic scholarships, the following explains more about where to go in order to apply for these scholarships. Check out the details below.

Foot Locker Foundation, Inc. Scholarships

Foot Locker Foundation, Inc. Scholarships

Like many industries and businesses, Foot Locker offers students the chance to get financial resources that can be used to pursue a degree or education of their choice. For five years in a row, athletic scholarships have been provided by this company and have awarded students across the nation an impressive twenty-thousand dollars collectively each year. Twenty winners receive a one-thousand dollars scholarship that they can use to fund their education, if all application requirements are met. The Foot Locker athletic scholarships application requires that students demonstrate sportsmanship on the field and academic ability in the classroom. To be awarded and become a Foot Locker Scholar Athlete, these individuals must be passionate about their schools and their greater community. They must also meet all residency requirements and provide proper transcript and personal documentation as required by the terms of the application. The details can be found here, but those that are interested should understand that filling out the application is only the first part of the process. A panel of judges will then evaluate the applicants for these athletic scholarships and be the final arbiter and decision maker.

Athletic Scholarships

Recruiting Scholarships

It is also possible for students to earn athletic scholarships by being awarded a sport-specific award from a university or college that essentially recruits them to attend play for the university. These scholarships are reserved for those that are leaders and experts in their particular sport at the high school level. Many coaches will seek out those who are dominating and gaining national interest. But, for those that want to seek out the experts to come watch them play and be considered for a scholarship at their particular institution, then, there are resources available. There are scholarships that are waiting to be had if an athlete takes a more proactive approach. One of the ways to do this is to actually go to the school or their website and submit an official recruiting request. Unfortunately, these requests for a scouting trip can get lost in translation or in the fray of multiple different messages. Therefore, the NCSA website is an amazing resource to streamline the process. This website guides individuals toward athletic scholarships by providing easy to understand and utilize recruiting tools that help to build the proper dialogue between institution and student-athlete. Those that are beginning or are highly involved in their collegiate pursuit should visit the NCSA website here to learn all of the details.