Vanderbilt University Scholarships

Every year, thousands of students flock to Vanderbilt University in hopes of becoming a member of the incoming class. One thing that many of these students have in common is a concern about how to fund their college education. Students may be pleased to know that Vanderbilt offers many scholarship options to incoming and current [...]

National Health Services Corps (NHSC) Scholarships

National Health Services Corps (NHSC) scholarships provide a way for future health care providers to fund their college education. The program provides students with funding during the years that they are in training. In exchange, the scholarship recipients are expected to provide health care to underserved populations after their graduation. Students incur a 2-year-service commitment [...]

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarships

Are you a fan of zombies? If so, this is one scholarship you will definitely want to consider applying for! This scholarship promotes creativity by forcing students to think of how they would survive if a zombie apocalypse were to occur on their campus. For example, students are asked to consider what items they would [...]

LSU Scholarships

Students who plan to attend LSU often wonder what scholarships they might be eligible to apply for. Below is a selected list of scholarships that are available to LSU students. In addition to the scholarships below, applicants may want to consider applying for funding through private scholarships. Another way to obtain funding for LSU is [...]

Baylor University Scholarships

Baylor University is a top choice for many aspiring college students. One thing many students who consider enrolling in Baylor have in common is their concern for how to fund the high cost of their education. Luckily, Baylor has a number of different scholarship opportunities available to incoming and current students. The list below provides [...]

The American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarships

The American Fire Sprinkler Association created two different college scholarship contests that are open to the public. The goal of these scholarships is to educate the general public about how fire sprinklers can save many lives. A brief description about both contests can be found below, but applicants can find full information regarding both of [...]

FIU Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending FIU often base their decision as to whether to attend the university on the amount of funding they receive. Luckily, there are many scholarship opportunities available for prospective or current students. Some of these scholarships are only open to students of certain grade levels (i.e., graduate or undergraduate) while [...]

Best Buy Scholarships

Best Buy was established more than fifty years ago and continues to be a leader in entertainment and appliance sales. It currently maintains chains of stores throughout the United States, China, and Canada. Perhaps Best Buy is most well known for it’s innovative “Greek Squad”, which provides computer repairs in the store or at the [...]

University of South Florida Scholarships

Students who intend to enroll in the University of South Florida often wonder how to afford their education. Luckily, there are a number of resources available to USF students. Some of these scholarships come in the form of state of federal aid. In order to receive maximum consideration for these scholarships, students should complete a [...]

Questbridge Scholarships

QuestBridge provides college scholarships to high school seniors. These scholarships are open to students who apply to the Match process through QuestBridge and who plan to attend one of QuestBridge’s 38 partner institutions. Students can be considered regardless of whether they apply for early decision or regular decision. However, students are required to rank their [...]