Arkansas scholarship lottery

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery provides a variety of scholarships to students from all over Arkansas. These scholarships are funded through different scratch off tickets, such as Mega Millions and Powerball. The winning numbers are chosen from a computer generated random number generator. This scholarship program was established in 2008, but the first tickets did not [...]

Fastweb Scholarship

Fastweb is an online scholarship search engine that helps students narrow down their scholarship search quickly and efficiently. In order to better match students with appropriate awards, Fastweb requires students to complete a brief online profile as part of a registration process. The beginning of this process asks basic demographic information about students, such as [...]

Homeschool Scholarships

Students who are homeschooled have a number of unique educational experiences. Often, they have more individualized attention and have the opportunity to explore subjects that they find appealing. In addition, to these advantages of being homeschooled, students who are homeschooled also are eligible for a number of scholarships that were created just for them! In [...]

Kaplan Scholarships

In today’s modern world, technologies are outpacing traditional mechanisms that had become customary and overused. Among the ways that technologies are changing life is in terms of education. No longer do physical classrooms need to be present in order for learning to take place. Instead, it is becoming more and more customary for individuals to [...]

5 Secrets to Winning a College Scholarship

By Junior or Senior year of high school, many students begin to think about the expense of college and whether they can afford to go or not. Good news is that there are college scholarships available that can help ease the financial burden. Some students think that their grades have to be straight A’s in [...]

Amazon Scholarship

When it comes Amazon, the site has a reputation of excellence in the amount of different products they allow an individual to choose from. From technologies to clothing to games and movies and more, Amazon is really a site that is a one-stop shop for all things purchasable. Yet, Amazon is so much more than [...]

McKay Scholarship

When it comes to pursuing an education at any level, students can find the cost extravagant and almost impossible to overcome without adding on years of debt repayments. For students with disabilities and the family that has helped raise them to success, the costs of an education often are compounded by medical expenses and other [...]

Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia is a beautiful country. It has great scenery, amazing landscapes, and a culture that mixes history with modernity. That is why it is becoming an increasingly popular location for those around the world that want to visit and setup life in this region. Australia is more than just a vacation spot, however. It is [...]

Scholarships for Children of Single Parents

Being a single parent is not easy. There are bills to be paid, children to care for, and often not enough finances to cover it all. Even a successful and financially stable individual can find it very difficult to raise a family on a single person’s income. The question of paying for their child’s college [...]

US Bank Scholarship

Many financial institutions and banks have a vested interest in supporting those that are pursuing higher education degrees. Because college and university educations require much funding, there are many times that banks will provide backing for loans and offer discounts to students. These monies, though, are not free and will need to be paid back. [...]