Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has helped more than 36,000 California students attend college. The Foundation was established in 1962. The amount of the scholarships ranges from $500 to $5,000. In order to be eligible for scholarships from this foundation, students must meet a number of different criteria. First of all, the applicant must [...]

Arkansas scholarship lottery

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery provides a variety of scholarships to students from all over Arkansas. These scholarships are funded through different scratch off tickets, such as Mega Millions and Powerball. The winning numbers are chosen from a computer generated random number generator. This scholarship program was established in 2008, but the first tickets did not [...]

Flinn Scholarship (Arizona Students Only)

The Flinn scholarship was created to support outstanding AZ high school students afford a higher education. Specifically, the award is geared towards retaining AZ’s top students in AZ public schools. Each year, about twenty of the best and brightest students in AZ will be selected for this prestigious award. This scholarship is awarded based solely [...]

Abigail Adams Scholarship (Attending School in Massachusetts Only)

The Abigail Adams Scholarship is one of the rare full-ride scholarships. The award is offered exclusively to students who plan to attend a state university or college in Massachusetts. This coveted award is one will will cover the entire cost of tuition for up to eight semesters. Thus, it is possible for a student to [...]

Non Traditional Student Scholarships

With changing economic conditions, more students than ever have decided to return or start a college education. A large portion of these students are considered non-traditional students. Students may be considered nontraditional students because they are older than traditional students, because they have children, or for some other unique aspect of their background. In general, [...]

Oklahoma Scholarships

This fall, many Oklahoma students are preparing to enter college for the first time or are returning to college. Many of these students are concerned about the cost of an education. What they may not know, is that OK has a number of college scholarships to help make tuition more affordable for these students. Some [...]

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

  The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship was founded in 1988. It is a merit-based scholarship that awards scholarships valued between $6,700 to $10,000 each year. The award can be renewed for up to ten semesters, depending on the student’s program. The Palmetto Fellows scholarship is a scholarship that is only available to students who have graduated [...]

Washington State Scholarships

Students who have ties to Washington State have plenty of scholarships that they may want to consider. Some of these scholarships are reserved for residents of Washington State while others are open to students from anywhere who intend to matriculate in a university in Washington State. There are a number of way that Washington students [...]

West Virginia Scholarships

Many West Virginia students contemplate whether they can afford to attend college. Given the rising costs of education, there are many West Virginia scholarships that are available to help students fund their college degree. Some of these awards are open exclusively to residents to WV while others are available to students who come from another [...]

Pennsylvania Scholarships

Pennsylvania is home to a number of world class colleges and universities. The plethora of options for pursuing a higher education, from the small liberal arts colleges to the large state universities, make PA one of the most densely populated college states. For many students, funding a college education can seem challenging. However, the State [...]